Associate Management Consultant (AMC)

Why is AMC Certification important for you as a Consultant?
Because IMC Jordan believes that certification is an important differentiator for you against competition, we are introducing the Associate Management Consultant (AMC) Certification Track.
The AMC Certification
  • Demonstrates to your customers, competitors, suppliers and staff that you use industry-respected best practices.
  • Establishes credibility.
  • Introduces you as a continuous learner. Maintaining the certification ensures that you are continually improving and refining your activities.
  • Improves your overall performance.
  • Provides a competitive advantage and increases opportunities.
  • In short, the AMC Certification sets you above the rest!
What does the AMC Certification cover?
  • An introduction to the Management Consulting Profession
  • An Overview of the Consulting Process
  • How to ensure Effective Communication
  • What Change Management is all about
  • The value of Teamwork for your organization and projects
  • The basics of Professional Practice Management
How to become an AMC?
  • Candidates must have at least one year of experience in the full-time practice of management consulting (internal or external).
  • It is preferred that the candidate is a member of IMC-Jordan (*).
  • Candidates should hold a bachelor Degree from an accredited university
  • Submit the AMC Certification Application Form and attend the “Management Consulting: A Workshop for Associate Professionals” for the fee of JD300 for IMC-Jordan members and the fee of JD350 for non-members.
  • Pass a written examination for the fee of JD50 to verify your technical and professional competence within the maximum of 3 months from application date, otherwise re-application is a must for the fee of JD50.
  • Issuing Certificate fees are JD50 upon completion of all of the above.
  • TOTAL Certification fees are JD400 for IMC-Jordan members and JD450 for non-members.

How do you get started?

  • Register for the workshop IMC-Jordan.
  • Complete the application form. We will show you how on the last day of the workshop.
What does the AMC Certification cost?
TOTAL Certification fees are JD400 for IMC-Jordan members and JD450 for non-members as follows:
  • Application and workshop attendance: JD300 for IMC-Jordan Members and JD350 for non-members.
  • Written exam: JD50
  • Issuing Certificate: JD50
Important Notes:
  • Renewable every three years: Re-certification for the fee of JD100 or upgrade to CMC.
  • (*) Members of IMC gain 5 points in the certification points system.

AMC - Steps and Rules
AMC - Application Form

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